Julia Forte: Queen Bitch of all Scam artists or Unethical Entrepreneur

A big question at the moment across a few internet forums is whether or not Julia Forte is the Queen Bitch of all Scam Artists or just an Unethical Entrepreneur. The purpose of this website is to try and determine which one.

In our humble opinion, here at, there is no third option, ie that of Business, Business Women, Public Forum Provider or Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Database Provider. There are various reasons why we’ve made this bold statement and we’re happy to present our argument below.

It has always been Julia Fortes contention that is an “interactive website” where the content is supplied by the community and it’s not up to them to to decide whether the content is defamatory. They claim that the forum is open and invite injured parties to post rebuttals in any discussion.

This is not contended by us here. What we are contending is does Julia Forte and

1. Intentionally feed fuel to any fire that’s currently burning on the forum, if so, to what end? is it to ….

2. Extort money from businesses that are unfortunate enough to be under attack on or

3. To generate public Interest which exposes people reading the forum to unethical advertising?

800notes.con Unethical Advertising

The last point is a classic case of hypocrisy in motion as you can see from the screen shot above. The irony of this makes me laugh. Come to a “Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Database”, rat on a telemarketer who cold calls your home but while you’re here, click through on the above advertisement (The Truth about Abs), pay a 100 dollars for a program that tells you, you won’t get a six pack unless you work really hard, diet and exercise!

Also take special note on the terms for posting on 800notes (in red – Etiquette at 800Notes) and then read the reply from a forum groupy (in all likelyhood an employee) called the “lone stanger” below where he mocks people suffering ED Syndrome

Does this type of college humor really work? Is this what the forum is really about? I find it exceedingly distasteful, disrespectful and disturbing because at the end of the day, this is a display of true character & when someone equates slimy semi-illiterate people to those unfortunate enough to suffer from a disease that is close in “character” to Dow Syndrome, then goes on to malign a business.

“There’s definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark” (from Shakespeare’s Hamlet) & Julia Forte


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